About Us


In a world filled with constant change and innovation, the simple problem of protecting tables from drink stains seemed like a trivial matter. However, David and Stephen, two friends with a shared love for music and an affinity for vinyl records, saw the potential to turn this ordinary issue into something extraordinary.

David and Stephen were lifelong buddies who lived in a small, quaint town nestled between rolling hills and winding rivers. They had grown up together, collecting vinyl records, attending music festivals, and dreaming of ways to share their passion with the world.

One summer evening, as they sat in David's cozy living room, listening to the soothing melodies of a vintage record, Stephen accidentally knocked his glass of iced tea onto the coffee table. The liquid quickly spread, forming a pool around the base of their precious turntable. They rushed to clean up the mess, but the table was already marked with an unsightly ring.

Frustrated yet inspired, they began brainstorming solutions. Stephen's eyes lit up as he stared at the vinyl records adorning David's walls. "What if we could turn these records into drink coasters?" he mused.

David's curiosity piqued, and they spent the night experimenting with the idea. They found a way to repurpose old vinyl records into perfect coaster-sized circles while preserving the original grooves and labels. The resulting coasters were a true blend of nostalgia and functionality, capturing the essence of the music they cherished.

They named their invention "Groovy Coasters" in homage to the music that had brought them together. Each coaster was a unique piece of history, a fusion of art and practicality. David and Stephen believed that Groovy Coasters had the power to unite people through their shared love of music and the beauty of vinyl records.

They decided to take their invention on the road, embarking on a journey to spread the joy of Groovy Coasters around the world. They attended music festivals, craft fairs, and vintage markets, introducing their creation to music enthusiasts, collectors, and anyone who appreciated the charm of the past.

Groovy Coasters became an instant sensation. People marveled at the nostalgia and craftsmanship behind each coaster, and soon, orders were pouring in from all corners of the globe. Musicians and bands commissioned custom Groovy Coasters featuring their album art, creating a unique connection between the music and their fans.

As the popularity of Groovy Coasters grew, David and Stephen realized that their invention had not only solved a practical problem but had also brought people together. Music lovers, regardless of their backgrounds and interests, found common ground through these unique coasters. It wasn't just about protecting tables; it was about celebrating the universal language of music.

Their invention transcended borders and cultures, uniting people from different walks of life in a shared appreciation for the artistry and nostalgia of vinyl records. David and Stephen's vision had come to life - Groovy Coasters had become a symbol of unity, reminding the world that even in a rapidly changing landscape, the simple pleasures of life could bridge divides and bring people closer together.

And so, the story of David and Stephen's Groovy Coasters became a testament to the power of friendship, music, and innovation. In a world that sometimes felt divided, their creation reminded everyone that there was always common ground to be found, even if it was under a groovy coaster.