Are Groovy Coasters REALLY made from real vinyl records?

Yes, they are! It takes much time to source vinyl to use for Groovy Coasters. We generally use scratched or discarded records, vinyl that would often end up in a landfill. We're proud to use recycled products for Groovy Coasters.

I'm not happy with the coaster that I ordered. What is your return policy?  

All Groovy products (coasters, framed album covers) come with a 100% money back guarantee. If you unhappy with what you bought, we will work it out with you. You can exchange your product for another coaster or framed album cover if you wish. Just reach out to us!

Do Groovy Coasters get a water stain when a drink is placed on it? 

Of course not! Groovy Coasters are specially treated to make them 100% waterproof. We also put cork on the bottom of the coaster to protect your furniture.

Can you make coasters of records that WE PROVIDE? 

Anything is possible in Groovy Coaster Land. Contact us and we'll see.

What about large orders? For corporations, organizations, non-profits. Does Groovy Coasters sell coasters "in bulk?"

Yes, we consider bulk discounts for larger organizations. Write us an email at groovycoasters@gmail.com and tell us how we can help you.